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Candidate seeking employment for Pago cannery workers

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 3, 2009) – A former American Samoan congressional candidate, Aumua Amata Coleman, has launched a bid to find jobs for workers set to lose their jobs when the Samoa Packing cannery closes in three months.

Aumua says she has been in touch with her contacts in the federal government and private business to try and find employment for the 2,000 people set to be laid off.

She says they are suited for work in Guam where the US is expanding its military bases.

"Adjustment ot island living stands to be much easier for workers and families who come from other tropical islands rather than from a mainland locale. And so they are very, very interested and they are interested in taking a look at folks who will be out of a jobs come October 1."


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