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Customers advised to conserve energy

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, June 22, 2009) – The people in Port-Vila should expect a major drop in electricity tariffs of UNELCO [Union Electrique Du Vanuatu Limited].

[PIR editor’s note: UNELCO is a private company that has the only concession to generate and distribute electricity in the two towns of Port Vila and Luganville, Vanuatu.]

According to the company the new fare for June 2009 is 44 vatu [US$0.43] per KWH, which represents a decrease of 0.95 percent from May.

The fare follows the price of the petrol in the world and each month UNELCO adjusts the fare, and this month is a good month for all the customers.

UNELCO recommend to his customers to keep in mind how to reduce their use of electricity: by switching of the light when you leave the room or house, don’t let the door of the fridge open too long, don’t overuse the aircon, especially now when the weather turns cooler and it’s not so hot

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