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Family members come from around world

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, July 6, 2009) - It’s a new era for the Tupuola family at Lotofaga as descendents gathered from Britain, Hawaii, New Zealand, and American Samoa and also here in Samoa to witness two special ceremonies.

The first was the opening of the new Guest House for the Tupuola Family at So’e, Lotofaga and bestowment of the Tupuola title on Oloiali’i Koki Tuala.

This is the first time in 43 years the family has a member to hold the Tupuola title since the late Tupuola Koki Mafina died in 1966.

All descendants of Tupuola Leafi, Tupuola Mafina, Tupuola Gage and the extended family gathered for a meeting in March 2007 and they all agreed for Oloiali’i Koki Tuala should be the one to hold the Tupuola title.

On Friday, June 26 the new guest house for the family was opened having been built by lead carpenter Manufili and his assistants.

The guest house was blessed by Fr Mauola Petelo Leilua and all the reverends of the village.

The next day, the Tupuola title was bestowed on Koki Tuala.

The family thanked him for his love and care and all the great things he has done for them.

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