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Forestry Minister Namah recently spent $1.9 million in Samoa

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, July 16, 2009) – A Papua New Guinea Minister who’s turning heads in Apia with a multi-million-tala property spending spree was jailed for six years.

According to his Papua New Guinea Ministry of Forestry profile, Belden Namah was jailed for his involvement in the Sandline crisis.

Reports said Mr Namah was found guilty of playing a key role in throwing out the Sandline mercenaries from Papua New Guinea.

In 2005, an unconditional pardon by PNG’s Governor General freed Mr Namah.

This week, it has been revealed Mr Namah, PNG’s Minister of Forests has spent and committed a total of more than 5 million tala [US$1.9 million]

buying properties in Samoa. One property cost 2 million tala, another 1.5 million tala and the third cost 1.8 million tala, of which he has paid 200,000 tala in fixed deposit.

Mr Namah is reported to be also involved financially in a company called Paradise Pacific. A Seventh Day Adventist, Mr Namah is a military instructor.

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