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Can be added to any drink for calming effect

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, July 18, 2009) – A Ni-Vanuatu owned company and Kava processing pioneer has developed a water based Kava extract which can be added to almost any Beverage.

The unique five-step process developed by the company involves removal of the Kava Lactones from traditionally prepared Kava Juice.

To date the Starch-free Kavalactone concentrate has been trialed in Flavoured Milk, Carbonated beverages such as Cola and a range of Juices with very good results. The product is stable, and depending on the amount of concentrate added can give anything from a mild relaxing feeling to a full-on Kava experience – without any Nausea, feeling of bloated stomach and the "Unique" taste of traditionally prepared Kava Juice.

[PIR editor’s note: Traditional kava – often repugnant to first-time tasters - is an acquired taste While the muddy beverage can offer a calming effect, many drinkers enjoy the social aspect of sitting around a wooden "tanoa" bowl in friendly conversation.]

Negotiations are currently underway with a Fijian based UHT Milk manufacturing company for an initial trial run of 8000 Units which they hope to have processed in the coming months. New Zealand and other Pacific countries are obvious potential markets for Kava infused Beverages.

A company spokesperson has advised that only the best types of raw, fresh kava is used and the goal of the company is to provide a value-added product here in Vanuatu which can be exported worldwide.

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