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President Toribiong thanks new recruits

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa

KOROR (Palau Horizon, July 27, 2009) – Twenty-one young men and women have enlisted in the US Army and were sworn in on Wednesday.

The new recruits were sworn in by Captain Michael Smiley, Operations Officer for the Honolulu Military Entrance Processing Station.

First Sergeant Yong Fox of the Guam Recruiting Detachment said some of the recruits will leave next month for training and some of them are leaving in October and in January next year. The training will be held in different States and will run for ten weeks. The recruits were recruited in October last year.

President Johnson Toribiong and Paramount Chief Reklai Raphael B. Ngirmang were the special guest speakers on Wednesday.

The US Army also gave President Toribiong a certificate of appreciation. The plaque was handed to the president by Command Sergeant Major Kenneth Crow of the Portland Recruiting Battalion Operations.

Former Vice President Elias Camsek Chin who also served the US military in his younger days was also at the ceremony.

Command Sergeant Major James Murray, Colonel Charles Dunston and Portland Recruiting Battalion Executive Officer Major Robert T. Volk attended the ceremony.

President Toribiong in his speech commended the future soldiers for their bravery and for their fine choice to combat the terrorism.

"Thank you for making this life changing experience to fight terrorism and thank you for defending our country, Palau," Toribiong said.

"I am proud to say that you are fine young men and women and you are brave enough to join the US Army. I urge you to commit yourself to be on time and be always prepared and never give up," the President went on saying.

The men and women who enlisted in the US Army are Tulop Hans Aulerio, Esmeralynn C. Baulis, Edenson Haruo, Bernard Klewei, Lafayette Lucky, Mindy Madraisau, Leevan Manuel, Jason Mongkeya, Meschol Ngirachitei, Ubi Oiterong, Iver K. Rechelluul, Jesse Robert, Ursela Salvador, Dayneleen Sebakum, Burton Tomei Solang, Oswald Ringang, Mairca Sungino, Elton E. Telmang, Dallas Ubedei, Aleina Uehara and Billy R. William.

The recruits from Yap are Charlotte Chugrad, Gillian Rugin, Flamar Junior, Miranda Pilyag, Jacklyn Famaw.

Kelulau Ucherkemur, Luhda Jethmar and David Tewodrose are from Pohnpei and Florian Nena, Likiaksa Benjamin and Masayuki Alpen are from Kosrae State.


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