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Roads, water projects funded by soft loan from China

By Moana Moeka’a RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (Cook Islands News, July 23, 2009) - Four Chinese surveyors are currently surveying the roads on Rarotonga in readiness for the proposed roads upgrade and water ring mains project.

Ministry of Infrastructure & Planning’s Joseph Akaruru says the surveyors have been working from town towards Ngatangiia since last Friday.

Akaruru, who with Alistair Newbigging has been assigned to work with the Chinese, says the men have been checking on the survey control points and benchmarks which are used by local surveyors as reference points.

Their survey on the main road will take in an area 7.5m from the centre line and Akaruru says they would like to ask for the cooperation of landowners and residents when they have to take readings from properties that border onto the road.

Road users are also asked to slow down when approaching the surveyors.

Through an interpreter Mr. Li, the team leader Yao Weimin said that the work on Rarotonga’s main and back roads is estimated to take between four and eight weeks.

The team, which includes Lan Yingzhu, Zhang Leitan and Shi Jinliang, is expected to produce a traverse map and topographical survey for MOIP before it leaves.

Weimin, who hails from inner Mongolia, says they are finding the weather to be "moderate" and the locals "polite and helpful" as they carry out their work.

While they are staying in a private house, they have had lunch with some of the Chinese workers who were here to build the multi sports complex.

Last month four engineers from China checked out the roads, and will produce a pre-design plan for the road and water upgrade project.

It is understood that work on the project, which will be funded by a soft loan from China, will begin early next year.

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