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First TV service for burgeoning telecom

NUKUALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, July 31, 2009) – A NEW pre-paid 20 channels television service, DigiTV, was launched by Digicel in Tonga on 30 July.

It is the first TV service for the Telecoms company and it will turn on officially with a public party in Nuku'alofa tonight, July 31.

The DigiTV service is currently offered to Tongatapu and 'Eua residents offering a choice of two entertainment packages with high definition picture quality, and stereo sound delivered by cable box. It will feature both local and international content on up to 20 channels.

Digicel, one of Tonga's two mobile telephone providers, acquired the TonFon TV business in 2007

[PIR editor’s note: The Carribbean-based telecom Digicel has moved aggressively into the Pacific market in recent years to challenge long-entrenched monopolies. The company currently operates in Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu , Tonga, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands.]

David Butler, CEO said that since then Digicel had invested over US$2 million in upgrading the system to produce a high definition product for Tonga. This is the first DigiTV service to launch in the region.ax

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