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Ngerechumelba Young Palauan Association initiative

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa KOROR (Palau Horizon, August 3, 2009) - A non-profit organization based in Hawai΄i composed of young Palauans donated ten pieces of electric fans and wall clocks to Airai Elementary School.

The donation was sent through the Airai State office on Tuesday.

Airai State Governor Vicky Kanai handed the electric fans and the wall clocks to Airai Elementary School’s Multimedia Teacher Linda Ngotel and School’s Librarian Della Belt.

Ngotel and Belt represented the School’s principal David Orrukem.

Governor Kanai thanked the donors, the Ngerechumelba Young Palauan Association (NYPA) for their continued support to the Airai State.

"In behalf of the State, we really appreciate their thoughtfulness. We thank them for this big support to the school and we are hoping that they continue to do good works and continue to do fundraising for the school and the people of Airai. We wish the organization good luck and more fruitful projects," Governor Kanai said in an interview on Tuesday.

Ngotel and Belt for their part thanked the NYPA for the electric fans and the clocks.

"On behalf of our principal David Orrukem, we would like to thank the organization for their support to the students."

Ngotel and Belt said some 170 students will benefit the electric fans and the wall clocks.

Airai Elementary School has ten classrooms. Each classroom has more than 20 students.

NYPA is composed of young Palauans living in Hawai΄i. The members are from Airai. They established the organization in October to strengthen their bond of relationship with one another and to promote different activities and services.

The organization’s objective is to help Airai Elementary School.

The organization that has 69 members is scheduled to feed some 250 homeless people in Hawai΄i in a couple of weeks.

NYPA will also help Palau Church in Hawai΄i.

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