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Consumers perplexed, vendors unhappy

By Julia Meredith APIA, Samoa (Samoalive News, August 2, 2009) - Following several complaints from local Samoans who enjoy a good film now and then, Newsline caught up with a few urban video outlets that confirmed that more movies have been banned from Samoa.

The Butcher, Van Wilder, Unborn and The Cell 2 were all confirmed banned or rejected after it went through the censoring process.

"I really don’t understand why these movies were banned," one Newsline reader complained, "I have been looking forward to watching ‘Unborn’ since I saw the preview a month or so ago at Magik Cinemas. It’s really disappointing."

Another complaint came about Van Wilder, one of the banned movies.

"I’ve seen the first Van Wilder, what’s the difference from that to this one? And what’s the difference from the banned Van Wilder to all the American Pies?"

The first Van Wilder, American Pie one, two and three are available at many video shops in Apia.

"Every time they reject a movie, we lose money on freight and duty to bring it in and then having to send it back again," one video shop owner explained. "We need to know the exact criteria so we know what movies to bring in, that way we don’t waste our money."

A revised set of guidelines that movie censoring is based on is currently waiting to be approved and then it will be available to the video shop owners and the public.

"There’s not much to say," another video shop owner tells Newsline, "we can’t change the rules given to us."

Unborn was rated on as a PG13 film describing it to be about a girl who hated her mother for leaving her as a child but then begins to understand why she left when inexplicable things start to happen.

With the help of a spiritual advisor, she uncovers a family curse and her only chance of survival is to stop a doorway from beyond our world that has been pried open by someone who was never born.

USA today movie critics described Unborn as a movie "for chuckles not chills."

Los Angeles times’ critic said it’s "something for a snooze…"

Science fiction / fantasy film, The Cell 2, according to, is the sequel of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘The Cell.’

It’s about a psychic investigator that escapes from the clutches of a serial killer.

The FBI then retains her for a possibly dangerous assignment where she must enter the criminal’s brain in order to put his killing spree to an end.

Yahoo movies rated The Butcher as Restricted. This film is about a group of youngsters who are involved in a horrible accident on their way to Las Vegas. With one member dead, the rest are being pursued by a vengeful madman and the home they seek refuge in happens to house his family.

Critics rated ‘The Butcher’ as a b-grade horror.

Van Wilder: Freshman Year, on, got a seven out of 10 rating described as "funny and entertaining" on its movie review.

The unrated film is a prequel and the third movie of the Van Wilder series.

The censor could not be reached for comment before press time.

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