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Parishioners don’t understand it

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, August 19, 2009) – Fiji's interim government has cancelled the Methodist church's regional choir competition, which was to be held on Saturday.

The Reverend Kerry Enright, from Uniting World - the overseas branch of Australia's Uniting Church - has spoken to the Methodist leadership in Fiji about the decision.

He says the interim government has also refused a permit for an induction service to be held for the office bearers of the Methodist church in Fiji.

Mr Enright says it is of concern the interim government is interfering with Methodist church matters.

He says the church learnt about the interim government's decision in the media and they are unaware of the reasons behind it.

"They are mystified, they are deeply troubled, there have been tears shed because they do not understand what is going on. They do not understand why this decision has been made, they are simply mystified by it."

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