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Camacho cruises from L.A. to South Dakota bike rally

By Tiffany Sukola HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Marianas Variety, August 27, 2009) - It has been a couple of days since he came back from his recent cross-country motorcycle joyride, but Gov. Felix P. Camacho shunned public discussion of his Sturgis adventure that raised some eyebrows in the community.

Since Camacho’s return, questions regarding his vacation have yet to be answered.

Charlene Calip, spokesperson for Adelup, told Variety that Camacho would like to discuss his off-island trip. However, Calip said, the governor presently wants to focus on the state of emergency that he declared for the Guam Department of Education.

"He doesn’t want to seem like he was off-island for fun with everything that’s happening here," said Calip.

The state of the island worsened with yesterday’s announcement that the Guam Department of Education is in a crisis over food contracts.

A confidential source told Variety weeks ago that the governor was planning to ride his motorcycle from California to South Dakota to attend the 69th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Harley Owners Group director Joe Blas confirmed that several local bike enthusiasts were making their way to South Dakota, although he could not confirm or deny the governor’s participation in the trip.

According to Blas, the riders began in Los Angeles and rode about 300 miles each day until they reached Sturgis, where thousands of other bike enthusiasts enjoyed two weeks worth of wild celebration.

While the governor was gone on personal leave, many local residents publicly criticized the fact that Camacho was on vacation while the island was in crisis.

At the time the governor’s chief of staff was embroiled in scandal at the port, the number of swine flu cases seemed to dramatically increase each day and controversies arose over both the interim and new John F. Kennedy High School campuses.

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