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Cite constitutional directive to consider roll

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, September 15, 2009) – Makira/Ulawa Province chiefs want their roles considered by the government.

Speaking on behalf of chiefs in the province, Gad Hagasuramo, said the roles of chiefs as stated in the national constitution need to be considered and recognized by the government.

He said that Clause (2) of Chapter 12 Section 114 of the national constitution, which stated "Parliament shall make provisions for the Government of the Provinces established under this section and consider the role of traditional chiefs therein" needs to be considered by the government.

Mr Hagasuramo made the remark at Waimapuru National Secondary School 25th Jubilee celebration last week.

He said chiefs maintain the belief that they will remain the primary and divine leaders of the nation because chiefs were already the owners of Solomon Islands.

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