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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (September 22, 2009) – The Government is wasting time and money by referring the controversial entitlements awarded to MPs this year, to the High Court.

This course of action should not have happened had the Government did the right thing at the first place.

That is to simply ask the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission (PEC) to revoke the controversial awards.

Or is it too difficult to do that?

The Government may say it cannot do that because PEC is an independent body.

Yes, under the Constitution, it is an independent body.

But who are members of the PEC that approved these awards?

Is it not Finance Minister Snyder Rini, MP Francis Zama, and former politician Danny Philip?

Are they not the very members and supporters of the ruling government?

The Government knew the public was unhappy with the awards. It knew it’s not a right time to award millions of dollars to politicians when the nation and its people are struggling to make ends meet.

Any Government with decent leaders should heed the public outcry and simply ask PEC to do the right thing – scrap off the awards.

The Government will not spend any money and waste anyone’s time if it does that.

By referring the matter to the High Court, it is only wasting public funds and the court’s time.

Yes, the court is the right place to determine controversial issues.

But the High Court has more important cases to attend to and hear than a simple case such as this which could best be resolved at the executive level.

What a waste of time and resources!

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