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Pacific Direct would connect Rarotonga, Auckland

RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (Cook Islands News, Sept. 19, 2009) – A third shipping line has expressed interest in acquiring a licence to operate between New Zealand and the Cooks.

The chief executive of Pacific Direct Line, Olivier Ravel, was in Rarotonga this week to hold discussions with the minister responsible for shipping, Tangata Vavia, associate minister Winton Pickering, shipping committee chairman John Kenning and transport secretary Aukino Tairea.

[PIR editor’s note: Pacific Direct Line is based in Auckland, New Zealand]]

Ravel also met with a couple of importers.

"Government wanted to hear what he had to say," says Tairea. "Now he’s gone back, we will wait for his response."

Tairea says PDL has yet to formally apply for a licence.

Currently approval has been given to EXCIL’s Southern Express to operate between New Zealand and the Cooks, and Pacific Forum Line’s Forum Avarua to run a transshipment service between Fiji, Samoa and Rarotonga.

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