Tents, clothing, salvage services around clock

APIA, Samoa (Samoalive News, Sept. 30, 2009) – A day after the earthquake and tsunami, attention is now turning to working out ways to getting supplies to those families in the south coast of Upolu who lost everything to the tsunami.

The Red Cross team has been working around the clock to assist with the emergency salvage services and arranging supplies of tents and clothing for the affected families.

The online shopping site of Eveni Carruthers, has been receiving a number of enquiries from overseas relatives and friends who want to get supplies immediately to their families in the devastated areas.

Although today has not been declared a public holiday, the Apia town is relatively empty and most employees of the major businesses and government offices have stayed away from work today.

The overseas aid donor governments have started to mobilise their assistance to Samoa with New Zealand and Australia already helping out with the medical and general assessments in Samoa. The Government is holding a series of meetings and carrying out field assessments today as they try to speed up the planning for the rehabilitation phase.

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