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Nothing has materialized Temotu premier complains

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, October 1, 2009) – Temotu premier Edward Daiwo has raised concerns over the non implementation of development projects in provinces enlisted in the National Development Budget.

He raised this in his presentation yesterday at the Premiers’ conference in Tulagi, Central Province.

Mr. Daiwo said none of the projects that have been listed in National Development Budget for 2007, 2008 and 2009 for his province have been implemented.

The projects include the construction of an airport at Vanikoro and tar sealing of Lata airport runaway.

Daiwo said Temotu Province has been allocated some development projects in the past years but were never implemented despite numerous follow ups by the provinces to the coordinating ministries.

The premier asked why the ministries that coordinate development projects for the provinces do not facilitate and implement the projects listed for the respective provinces.

He added development projects are a step forward to address and promote decentralisation of infrastructure facilities and scale down of urbanisation in Solomon Islands.

"It is also mechanism to increase service delivery to the rural areas where 80 percent populations live," he said.

Daiwo said provinces need the infrastructure projects to boost production of raw material for export and

deliver services to the people.

"There are abundant natural resources as fish, logs, timbers, copra and marine resources in the rural areas.

"In opposite, the town deals mainly with the imported goods in which our national leaders have condemned for the Solomon Islands being heavily depended on export," he said.

Daiwo said the projects will increase economic activities, educate our children, ensure people stay healthy, and improve the standard of living in the rural Solomon Islands.

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