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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Sept. 29, 2009) – THE Solomon Island’s premiers are in Tulagi, Central Province, this week for their annual conference, the third since its inception.

Prime Minister Dr Derek travelled there yesterday to open the meeting and assure the premiers of the national government’s recognition and support.

The premiers’ conference is an important forum for provincial leaders to meet and flesh out issues affecting them.

To organise the conference and bring the premiers and officials together is costly.

The Government spends a fortunate on it.

But whether the conference is worth the money spent on it is another matter.

In the two previous conferences, the premiers came up with a number of resolutions, produced in what they called the communiqué.

How many of those resolutions have so far been implemented, either by the national government or the provincial governments themselves, is another question.

The implementation part of the equation seems to be lacking.

In fact, most of the communiqué resolutions are gathering dust in the shelves of the Ministry of Provincial Government and at the provincial headquarters.

This makes one wonder whether the premiers’ conference is worth the time and money spent in hosting it.

It’s a good thing to meet regularly.

But such meetings can be of no use if resolutions reached are not implemented.

That seems to be the treatment the premier’s conference is receiving from the national government.

The nation government would love to tell the premiers that the issues they discussed would eventually lead to its policies.

In actual fact you hardly seem those issues in national policy papers.

Whatever the reasons, it’s time the national government takes seriously resolutions reached by premiers. Otherwise, it’s no worth spending public funds on a forum whose resolutions receives very little or no attention at all from the national government.

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