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Yap State Government COLONIA, Yap, Federated States Of Micronesia

Dec. 2, 2009

A three-member team from the British Broadcasting Corporation branch in London arrived here on Saturday to make a documentary film about Yap and its culture as part of a new television series.

BBC news is in production of a television series entitled "Human Planet." It is a show in which film crews and news reporters travel to remote places in the world, and report about human relationship with the world.

The film crew has chosen Yap as a place to be featured.

This will be a great promotion for both the Yap Traditional Navigation Society’s cause and for the state.

The BBC film crew will be filming some of the skills that were demonstrated during the first Yap Canoe Festival, which took place in October.

This includes the traditional canoe capsizing and a traditional sailing trip from Yap to Ngulu in early part of December.

The Traditional Navigation Society will be working closely with the BBC film crew to make sure that everything works out as planned to guarantee Yap’s publication in one of the world’s leading news networks.

The BBC has over 500 million viewers worldwide and variety of ways to bring the news to its viewers that includes a TV channel, news articles, Web sites, and radio news.

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