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The Palau state has choice of
two relatives

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa KOROR (Palau Horizon, Dec. 2, 2009) - Residents of Peleliu, Palau will decide today whether to elect a former Senator to be the new Governor or to retain his cousin, the incumbent Governor Kangchi Uchau.

[PIR editor’s note: Peleliu or Beliliou is one of the 16 island states in Palau. It is located northeast of Angaur and southwest of Koror. It has a total area of 13 km² (5 mi²). As of 2004[update], its population was about 700, making it the third most populous state of Palau. The island was the site of the Battle of Peleliu in World War II and is a memorial site for both U.S. and Japanese troops. A U.S. Navy ship, USS Peleliu (LHA-5), is named for the vicious battle fought on the island of Peleliu.]

The General Election for 10th Peleliu State Legislature will start at 7 am today and people will choose between Uchau and Caleb Otto.

Uchau and Otto are first cousins. Their father and mother are siblings.

Uchau was the successor of Jackson Ngiraingas who was the Governor of Peleliu for 12 years but resigned from his post because he was appointed by the national government to serve as Minister of Public Infrastructure.

Ngiraingas was sworn-in as Minister on February 14.

Meanwhile, Ngiraingas wife, the former first lady Terry Eledui Ngiraingas is also running for office. She is a candidate for Legislature-At-Large and the first former first lady to seek for public office.

Terry Ngiraingas is currently on leave from her work at the Supreme Court. She has been working as a Clerk IV for nine years now but she worked as Executive Secretary to the Chief Justice in 1998 through 2000 and legal secretary for a law firm from 1984 through 1993.

Aside from Ngiraingas, Governor Uchau’s opponent during Peleliu’s special election Johanes Tsuneo is also seeking a seat at the Legislature.

The other candidates for Legislature-At-Large are Barret Ridep, Postol Remeliik, Evence Kebekol, James Beluong, Lucky Ngiradonges, Billy Rekemel and Charles Des Matsutaro.

Only five seats will be elected to the Peleliu State Legislatures.

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