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Frequent changes of government disillusioning

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 7, 2009) – he Secretary-General of Vanuatu’s National Council of Chiefs, Selwyn Garu, says most ni-Vanuatu are disillusioned with the constant attempts by MPs to change government.

This comes as the Prime Minister Edward Natapei this week prepares to face the fifth motion of no-confidence lodged against him since he came to power a little over a year ago.

Transparency Vanuatu has voiced concern about the cost of frequent Cabinet reshuffles made by government to win support to defeat such motions, as well as the waste of parliamentary time and resources in the process.

Selwyn Garu says that because self-interest appears to be the priority of elected leaders, ordinary people have lost confidence in the formal system of governance.

"You can’t really depend on the formal system to sort out issues of this nature because it only allows for these things to happen without the general public having a very direct say to it. They can voice their concerns and then they can go to the polls at the end of the term of a government but people can manipulate that as well for their own ends."

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