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Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Washington, DC Majuro, Marshall Islands Dec. 9, 2009

A Republic of the Marshall Islands atoll councilman visited Washington, DC, in late November, to look into possible funding opportunities for the Majuro Atoll Local Government (MALGov). Majuro Councilman Jack, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Ritok Jack, met with the Republic of the Marshall Islands Ambassador Banny deBrum and his Washington Embassy staff.

"I am impressed with the Councilman and Mrs. Jack’s ambition to come to Washington, DC, to gain a better understanding of the various types of funding opportunities," said Ambassador deBrum.

Ambassador deBrum also stated that "it is my sincere hope that the Councilman, after being exposed to these opportunities, maybe able share this with his colleagues and constituents in an effort to serve the people of Majuro more effectively."

"I am very much pleased with all the assistance Ambassador deBrum and his staff provided during our visit to Washington, DC," said Councilman Jack.

"By any measure, this was a very worthwhile trip, and I look forward to working with the Embassy on future projects for Majuro Atoll," added Councilman Jack.

Councilman Jack and Mrs. Ritok Jack departed Washington, DC just before U.S. Thanksgiving Day holiday, and they were scheduled to return to the Marshall Islands the first week of December.

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