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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Dec. 15, 2009) - IT’S time the landowners of Kongulai water source, in the Solomon Islands, learn to live in the real world.

[PIR editor’s note: the Kongulai water source supplies water to about 80 percent of Honiara, capital of Solomon Islands. related story.]

We live in a time when every government, organization, and family operates on a tight budget.

Our Government is no exception.

This is why it is unable to pay the SB$18 million [US$2.2 million] some of these landowners requested to cover rental for the use of the water source for the next 30 years.

Perhaps if the Government’s state of finances is healthy, it could have met that request already.

But again the landowners need to know they have children who have the right to benefit from monies earned from the water source.

If the Government advances them SB$18 million [US$2.2 million] now, what guarantee is there for children who will be born in the next 30 years to benefit from this?

So they better stop the disturbances they’ve been causing to the water source like they did, again, at the weekend.

Their shutting down of the water source was nothing less than criminal behavior.

Those who bent on doing this for the sole purpose of attempting to force the government to meet this SB$18 million [US$2.2 million] madness should be arrested and put in jail.

They are causing problems to the many innocent residents of Honiara who are faithfully paying for their water bills.

It’s understood the Government had leased the land on which the water source is located and is currently up to date with its rental payment.

So the landowners have no right to enter the land and shut off the water pump.

Can the police ensure those disturbing the water source face the courts?

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