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New chiefs blessed by Methodist minister

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Dec. 20, 2009) – It’s a new era for the descendants of the Alagaelua family at the village of Solosolo, Samoa.

19 members of this family have received three matai titles which had been unused for more than 20 years.

[PIR editor’s note: The word matai means chief, and is an honour that is bestowed upon someone male or female. The role of the matais is very complex and interwoven deep into the fabric of Samoan culture and history. Matais have family, civic, political and prior to the arrival of the European, religious duties to perform. It is usually given to someone in acknowledgment for services that have been rendered.]

A new title holder of the family, Alagaelua Mataia Apisaloma said it’s a relief it’s finally done.

The decision was made by all descendants of the Alagaelua family.

Blessing the new titleholders were Reverend Sepi Gafa of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa at Solosolo, and Reverend Mareko Posi Leota of the Methodist Church.

"Thanks be to God that this ceremony is done," Alagaelua Mataia said.

He added they were chosen to serve the family, village and especially the church with honesty.

These titles include one high chief title and four orators.

These are the new titleholders of the Alagaelua family.

Alagaelua: Alagaelua Olive Alagaelua, Alagaelua Pesa Alagaelua, Alagaelua Mataia M F M Apisaloma, Alagaelua Leauma Va’asa Afa

Nunuimalo: Nunuimalo F S Elaine Apisaloma, Nunuimalo Apisaloma Toleafoa, Nunuimalo Fofogaolevai Evalu, Nunuimalo Vaela’a, Nunuimalo Teofilo, Nunuimalo Siaosi Fetiuai

Aiatia: Aiatia Tagiilima, Aiatia Saotupe, Aiatia Vaega Elisara, Aiatia Noga, Aiatia Malomaua, Aiatia Iapesa Savea, Aiatia Siniva Epenesa, Aiatia Lealiinu Fuaiva’a.

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