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Prime Minister Sikua says lawmakers often late

By Eddie Osifelo HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Dec. 29, 2009) – PRIME Minister Dr. Derek Sikua is calling on Members of Parliament (MP) to improve their attendance of parliament in the Solomon Islands.

This came after some members have always turned up late for meetings due to unforeseen circumstances.

Dr. Sikua said: "We all know that attending Parliament meetings is our main task as MPs so may I remind us all to improve on this in our next sitting."

Parliament will resume its session in March next year.

However, the prime minister said in the level of debate, the members have done well generally.

"However I would like to encourage all of us to prepare well for our debates," he said.

"And I would like members not to allow their emotion to run high such that it affects our rationale and objective reasoning and mindset, during debates."

But MP for Savo Russell and veteran politician, Sir Allan Kemakeza said debate in Solomon Islands Parliament was one of the best in the world.

He said as an observer in some of the parliament meetings in the Pacific, Solomon Islands’ debate was alright compared to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia.

"I had observed the parliament meetings in PNG in past and saw Bill Skate walked up in front of Grand Chief (Sir Michael Somare) and pointed at his face while talking," he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sikua reminded constituents who often flooded the Parliament grounds to see their MPs, not to disturb them during the meeting.

"Perhaps they should allow time for our MPs to go on with their prime responsibility as legislators when parliament is on," he said.

"They should not disturb MPs with personal matters. I think sometimes, MPs don’t come to parliament when they know that people are waiting for them here at parliament grounds.

"I just raise it here so that there is an understanding between an MP and his constituents on this important matter," he said.


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