Yap State Government

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Colonia, Yap
Jan. 4, 2010


[Yap] Gov. Sebastian Anefal is urging all departments and agencies of the state government to submit their proposed budgets for fiscal year 2011.

He said the exercise will also serve as an evaluation of progress thus far on goals and objectives that were initiated in FY 2009 and targeted for accomplishment by the next fiscal year.

Jan. 22, 2010 has been set as the deadline for all entities of the state government to submit their "responsible and result-oriented" budget proposals to the Office of Planning and Budget.

Proposals are to be submitted in hard copies and transmitted to the office electronically.

Anefal urges all departments and agencies to remain mindful of the limited financial resources under the amended Compact, as well as the stagnant local revenue generating capacity largely due to global economic recession.

"It is also equally important for everyone to be mindful of the economic downturn and to exercise fiscal prudence to avoid unnecessary or extravagant spending plans" he said.

The state’s priorities include intensifying efforts to attract local and foreign investment opportunities and expand revenue generating programs and activities, he added.


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