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Seeks to be elected as President of Autonomous Government

By Fabian Hakalits PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Jan. 6, 2010) – After going through leadership and political setbacks caused by some of its members within the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) regime, the New Bougainville Party has appointed former Bougainville Governor John Momis as leader in a bid to revive it.

[PIR editor’s note: Bougainville is the easternmost island of Papua New Guinea, in the Solomon Sea, southwestern Pacific. With Buka Island and several island groups, it forms the autonomous region of Bougainville. Geographically, Bougainville is the largest of the Solomon Islands, located near the northern end of that chain. Bougainville is 75 miles long and 40-60 kilometers wide. Population is estimated at 176 thousand.]

The party president Linus Sahoto confirmed that the party has been boosted by the appointment and it would help its preparations for the ABG election in March.

The party has been re-organized and says it is poised to play an important role in the development of Bougainville.

The party has Mr. Sahoto as president, Junius Kidoro as deputy president, Chris Bengko as secretary and Jerry Tunjio as the treasurer.

Other members will represent youths, the churches, women and business houses that will be selected at the next party council meeting.

Mr. Momis resigned as the Bougainville Governor to contest the 2005 ABG presidential seat but lost to the late Joseph Kabui.

The party under Mr. Momis, if elected to power, will pursue major policy initiatives to develop and pursue a government of unity in Bougainville.

The party will also pursue other major policy initiatives like good governance to fight corruption, revisit the peace process with particular reference to guns disposal, involvement of youths, women, churches and business houses in the development of Bougainville and its people, give priority to the Council of Elders as the basis for peace building, law and order and development of the people, and re-assessment of the ABG administration.

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