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Yap State Government Colonia, Yap Feb. 4, 2010

In a communication to Yap Gov. Sebastian Anefal, Christian Merer, the French Embassy’s counselor for cooperation and cultural affairs, said two project proposals for the state have been reviewed and will be forwarded to the French government.

The proposals are for a photovoltaic systems maintenance program for the Yap Public Service Corporation, and the creation of a living history museum for the state.

Merer said he is hopeful about the completion of the projects as well as their success.

An endorsement letter from Anefal was sent to Thierry Borja de Mozota, French ambassador in Manila.

Anefal expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation to Mozota and said the state government is in full support and endorsement of the projects.

Both projects will lead to positive impact on the Yapese people’s well-being and livelihood through the cultivation and use of renewable energy, as well as the effort of preserving the unique culture and traditions of the state, Anefal said.

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