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Marianas Variety vows fearless reporting

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Feb. 8, 2010) – THE Department of Public Health, one of the largest advertising accounts for the CNMI government, was told by the Fitial administration to cease all advertisements with the Marianas Variety on Friday.

"I received a call from one of the staffers of the Department of Public Health and was told to cancel all ads," said Variety advertising account executive Jeanette Sarabia.

Government officials who have declined to be identified confirmed that Public Health was instructed to stop all advertisements with the Variety, which earlier signed a contract with the department for these ads.

As of press time last night, there was no formal letter from Public Health regarding the cancellation of the ads.

This is not the first time government advertisements and printing services were canceled with the Variety.

Variety reporters covering the executive branch are also not getting replies to their requests for information and comments.

"For 38 years, we have been the true watchdog for the community and we will continue to be vigilant about exposing the truth and upholding the freedom of the press, with no regard to special interests or negative pressure from advertisers," said Variety president Laila Y. Boyer.

"Our community deserves a newspaper that is fearless in pursuing the truth and giving the people the information they need to make the commonwealth a stronger and better place to live. Because this is our home, we know and understand nothing else," she said.

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