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FSM Information Services Kolonia, Pohnpei Feb. 26, 2010

The Federated States of Micronesia Telecommunications Corp. (FSMTC) has selected Occam Networks Inc. as its high-speed, broadband service provider.

"FSMTC conducted a comprehensive survey of the leading access equipment suppliers especially those with deployments within its island neighbor operators and requested a field trial evaluation with Occam Networks. We conducted a three-month trial and were satisfied that Occam is best suited to meet our requirements based on product features, level of support and ease of deployment," said John Sohl, FSMTC’s vice president and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Prior to the deployment of Occam’s BLC 6000 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP) solution, FSMTC offered Internet services through T1 access, dial-up and WiFi.

"It did not make sense for us to deliver wireline broadband Internet such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) because our only connection to the Internet had been via satellite. Our total Internet bandwidth therefore had been constrained by extremely expensive satellite bandwidth and its inherent latency" said Fredy Perman, Manager marketing and customer service.

The timing of the partnership with Occam coincides with installation of a submarine fiber cable between Guam and Pohnpei.

This presents opportunities for faster Internet speeds to be delivered.

While Pohnpei is the first island in the federation to be connected to the submarine fiber cable, a combination of smart solutions and Occam’s MSAP equipment will be deployed in all states.

Banks, hotels, businesses and residents will soon enjoy DSL-level access across the country.

Occam’s solution helps keep network operation and maintenance simple, by providing Layer 2 transport versus more expensive Layer 3 network switches.

FSMTC will offer DSL to business and residential areas, and VDSL2 to larger businesses.

Future plans call for Gigabit Ethernet FTTP in select deployments.

"We are excited to be able to offer these services to our customers in FSM and to act as agents of an efficient economy. It is no secret that FSM wants to host international organizations that would like to operate here. Some are here already by necessity and some by choice. We hope that with our improved communication services the choices by these organizations to be based here are ever more justified," said Perman.

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