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No Pacific trade allowed

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, March 10, 2010) – The Fiji Sugar Corporation is reportedly rationing the supply of sugar, to prevent it being exported to other Pacific nations undetected.

The corporation decided last year to limit sugar exports around the Pacific in order to protect its commitment to the European market.

This was after a fall in sugar production.

The Fiji Sugar Corporation's chief executive officer, Deo Saran, told the Fiji Times they are now rationing local supplies after discovering some exporters are buying supplies in Fiji and then sending it to regional markets.

Deo Saran says the company's priority is also to local communities and there is no shortage of sugar in Fiji, despite claims by supermarket chains.

He says they are also working with the Fiji Customs Department to check all bulk cargo leaving the country to ensure that no Fiji sugar is being shipped to the Pacific region.


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