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SAIPAN, CNMI (April 22, 2010) – LET’S save money. Let’s close down the judiciary as there is no need for it based on the governor and his parole board’s decision to release an apparently well-connected inmate guilty of a long list of very serious transgressions.

The Attorney General’s Office, moreover, forgives other favored offenders in willy-nilly fashion and is quick to justify the governor’s highly questionable actions — and appointments (his former lt. governor, commerce secretary, CUC executive director and driver have all been criminally charged and convicted, and among the ruling party’s rah-rah boys are other former convicted criminals; and don’t forget his masseuse).

Clearly there is no need for the courts and this is probably why the governor wants to gut the judiciary’s budget.

And what is the reaction of the people to the governor’s latest grave abuse of discretion? Except for a letter to the editor and anonymous postings on our Web site — nating. Any expressions of concerns from the so-called opposition lawmakers on Capital Hill? Taya again.

Four months down, four years and eight months to go. That’s not a prison sentence, by the way, but the administration’s remaining term in office.

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