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Aurelian Resources accused of operating without license

By Alfred Sasako HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 26, 2010) - Guadalcanal Premier, Stephen Panga, has warned the directors and agents of an Australian company, Aurelian Resources (SI) Ltd, to cease all their activities in Guadalcanal Province immediately, accusing the company of "engaging in a concerted campaign to take over the prospecting tenements of a local company."

The warning was contained in a letter to a Michael R Newton, the Managing Director of Aurelian Resources Pty Ltd, the parent company of Aurelian Resources (SI) Ltd. Solomon Star has obtained a copy of Premier Panga’s letter.

In it, he said: "It has come to our attention that your company Aurelian Resources Ltd (SI), Aurelian Resources Pty (Australia) through some expats and locals has been engaged in a concerted campaign of attempting to take over the prospecting tenements of a local company, Solomon Resources, as your company had also previously tried similar unsuccessfull attempts to take over the mining tenements of another company, Pheonix International (SI) Ltd through Mr. Mark Emery.

"Furthermore, you/your agents have been illegally operating gold mining dredges and explorations within the concession areas of Solomon Resources without first obtaining the relevant permits from SIG, Guadalcanal Provincial Government [GPG], or getting consent from Solomon Resources," the Premier said.

"This is of great concern to the GPG (and) therefore we have to take decisive action in this case," the letter dated 7th April 2010, said.

"We therefore inform you to cease all your and your agents’ activities immediately within Guadalcanal Province without fail, and to obtain the relevant permits/license first.

"We also would like to inform you in no uncertain terms your application to the mines and minerals board would not be endorsed by the GPG, if it lies within the concession areas already given to Solomon Resources," the letter warned.

The letter concluded that without endorsement by the provincial government, any application for prospecting would not be approved by the Mines and Minerals Board.

In response, Mr. Newton has denied the accusations.

He said his company’s employees and agents have never engaged "in any activities to take over the tenements of Solomon Resources."

He said Solomon Resources do not have any tenements.

Solomon Resources Proprietor, David Kwan, said his group had received a Letter of Intent after it made a presentation to the Mines and Minerals Board last December.

Mr. Kwan said Aurelian Resources (SI) Ltd is capitalizing on the ignorance of landowners who he alleged were receiving financial inducements to support the Australian company.

"The fact that they have not applied for a prospecting license clearly shows they are only interested in grabbing what they could to make a fast buck," Mr. Kwan said yesterday.

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