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Transportation difficult on rugged Weathercoast

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 28, 2010) – In the Solomon Islands, the Madakacho Clinic on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal is the second in the province to receive an outboard motor (OBM) and canoe to boost its services to the rural people of the area.

The clinic was built 20 years ago by Elwyn Ferris who led a ‘fly n build’ team from the Gosford Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Australia.

According to Jenny Robson, Departmental Assistant (Adventist Health) of the South Pacific Division (SPD), two SDA Churches from New South Wales in Australia namely the Gunnedah and Tamworth Churches are planning a trip out to renovate the Madakacho Clinic in June of this year.

David Fletcher is leading the team.

During the handing over of the OBM and canoe Pastor George Vann emphasized that Adopt-A-Clinic Program (AACP) is all about partnership between the Solomon Island rural communities, the SDA Church and the Adopting Churches in Australia and New Zealand.

He said that the Solomon Island rural communities are responsible to looking after the adopting sister churches when they come to work in the clinics.

The community provides local building resources such as gravel and sand, local manpower where and when needed, food such as vegetables, fish and fruits for their sustenance during their duration of stay.

This is what partnership is all about. It is a two way thing.

The Solomon Islands must not only receive help but also to reciprocate the help received.

The Adopt-A-Clinic Program is a long term strategy that the good people of Australia and New Zealand are committed to and pledging their financial support to maintain and sustain our clinics in the rural areas of the Solomon Island.

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