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Rural health center in Bana to benefit

By Gorethy Kenneth PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, April 29, 2010) - A rural health centre, yet to be officially opened to the public in Bana, South Bougainville will have 18 new beds, thanks to World Vision international.

The non-government organization, which has multi-million-Kina social impact projects in Bougainville, presented the 18 modernized hospital beds to the region’s health department in Buka this week for distribution.

[PIR editor’s note: World Vision, among the largest relief and development organizations, works to reduce poverty around the world]

Chief executive officer for the Department of Health in Bougainville Dr. Anthony Pumpara said during the presentation ceremony that the beds would be taken to Singkodo, in Bana District, to be used by the new health centre.

He said the aim of the department was to reduce the number of maternal deaths, improve health services for the region and get effective health service delivery throughout rural Bougainville.

Pumpara thanked World Vision for its programs on Bougainville, especially in the vital areas of health and education and said the non-government organization was also engaged in a very important health program in the south west areas of Torokina.

"We have come up with a new health program, which will cover issues like immunization, HIV/AIDS and others and we thank the World Vision for helping us fund these programs and for their support in Bougainville," Pumpara said.

He said there were 33 rural health centers in Bougainville that were facing many problems with equipment and medical supplies.

He said the beds will add to the newly established centre and should serve a population of about 3,000 in that area.

World Vision International officials in Buka said their programs in Bougainville were rural-based and that they stood ready to assist where ever they could, as long as it was rural based.

The organization is supervising a water sanitation program, toilets and other programs in the region.

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