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Measures planned to prevent instability

PAPEÉTE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, April 29, 2010) - French Overseas minister Marie-Luce Penchard recently gave new details in Paris about the electoral reform for French Polynesia. A delegation will be sent to Tahiti by the end of May to discuss the new electoral system.

Penchard announced that this delegation will be in French Polynesia starting May 26.

The delegation will be led by Jacques Barthélémy, from the French State Council, a French Overseas ministry press release states.

Barthélémy will meet leaders from the main political parties during his stay in French Polynesia.

He will then discuss with Penchard and a bill should be introduced in the French Parliament by the end of 2010.

The French Overseas minister will also come to Tahiti by the end of the year to discuss the bill.

Snap Assembly elections could take place in early 2011. But no details about election dates have been released yet.

The last elections took place in Feb. 2008 and the 57 Assembly members are theoretically elected for five years.

The French government wants the electoral reform to provide political stability for French Polynesia.

Since the May 2004 Territorial elections, there have been more than ten changes of government in Tahiti.

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