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Westpac arrived in PNG in 1910

By Poreni Umau PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 11, 2010) - Another leading bank in the country marked another milestone yesterday in providing banking services to the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG) for 100 years.

The Westpac Bank Lae branch and its 46 staff joined many of their colleagues throughout the country in celebrating the 100 years since the bank’s establishment in 1910 in PNG. The front of the Westpac bank at Sixth Street was a sea of white and red Westpac colors with flag waving staff who were joined by the members of the public during the early part of the morning.

The bank was decorated in Westpac colors with a flag flying proudly over the building in the early morning sunrise.

Anna Hiob, a staff at the bank, said workers from the bank came in to decorate the place between three and five o’clock in the afternoon for the celebrations yesterday. Westpac Lae branch manager Jacob Rara said yesterday amid beating kundu drums and hip swaying traditional dancing from a singsing group from Buac in the Nawaeb district, the anniversary was a milestone in itself, especially for the bank in providing banking services to the people for a very long time. Mr. Rara assured that the bank would still continue to provide better and efficient banking services to its many loyal clients throughout the country.

He said the branch in Lae had its humble beginnings way back in Wau during the gold rush days and to come this far was a milestone. He said that after the war, the bank came back to move down to Lae where it was still committed to helping many of its customers that come to Lae.

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