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Incidents continue despite police campaign

By Heide E. Vinoya KOROR, Palau (Palau Horizon, May 17, 2010) - Despite the intensified campaign of the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) to prevent the cases of burglary and grand larceny at hotels, the incidents still continue in Palau.

On May 7, a case of burglary and grand larceny was reported at the West Plaza Hotel Desekel in Ngerbeched where three Japanese tourists were victimized by still unidentified burglars.

According to the police report, at around 9:15 p.m. Gina Mapili, female called the police and reported that the guest room at the West Plaza Hotel was entered by an unidentified suspect and stole the guests’ belongings.

Suspect took regulators, diving computers, diving watch, mobile phones, MP3, flashlights and 20,000 Japanese yen with the total amount of US$6,020.

According to the police probe, suspect entered the room by using a bridge going to the third floor and broke the guest room’s window.

Police is still conducting investigation.

Last week, the BPS conducted seminar to all hotel security guards and advised them to keep tab of their guest belongings. They were also advised to inform their guest to limit their belongings in checking in to the hotels.

In related news, more than US$1,000 worth of assorted liquors were stolen after unidentified suspect entered the ATT Restaurant in Malakal hamlet, Koror State.

Based on the police investigation at around 11 to 12 p.m. on Friday, an unknown suspect entered the restaurant by destroying the back door.

Suspect stole one bottle of Johnny Walker 16 oz. worth US$100; Jack Daniel (1L), US$100; three bottles of Taquila Two Fingers (750 ml), US$210; four bottle of Jose Cuervo (750ml), US$280; two bottles of Tangueray (1L), US$200; Fundador Brandy (750 ml), US$80.00; Bacardi Gold Rum (750ml), US$70; and nine bottle of San Miguel Pilsen, US$45.00.

The case is pending, further investigation.

On the same day, the PAM Pacific in Ochelochel, Airai State was also burglarized. Suspect carted away one roll of copper wire amounting to US$30,000.

Investigation showed, suspect climbed the seven feet tin wall and forcibly opened the warehouse door.

Meanwhile, police is also investigating the case of burglary and grand larceny at the Benna Sakuma apartment in Ngerkesoaol hamlet.

According to the report, the unknown suspect entered the apartment’s room and took seven pieces of kitchen knife worth US$30.00 and coffee maker worth US$50.00.

Investigation is still going on.

Meanwhile, a boat radio owned by Charles Tangelbad of Iyebukel was reported missing.

According to Tangelbad statement, someone went to his boat parked at the Taoch ra Emang Iyebukel and stole his boat battery worth US$65 and Hummin bird water proof radio base worth US$800.

Police is conducting investigation.

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