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Questions raised about move to add seat

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, May 13, 2010) – Nauru Opposition member of parliament David Adeang says he supports President Marcus Stephen's call for a new MP position to be created to give parliament an uneven number of seats and end the current nine-all deadlock in the 18 member house.

But he says its unclear how the president's proposal can be achieved given the newly elected speaker, Godfrey Thoma, has told the caretaker government it has four days to call another election

"Well yes, but then again it depends on how you intend to enact those changes because those changes can't be made until such time as you have a working parliament, right now we don't have a working parliament," he said.

Godfrey Thoma was elected speaker after a two-week standoff following national elections.

President Marcus Stephen had said once parliament is operating he wanted to introduce leglislation to have another MP elected in new elections, with the hope an uneven number will mean stand-offs cannot happen again.

The opposition had said it wanted parliament dissolved once a speaker was appointed to allow another election as soon as possible.

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