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Aliens conned into promise of U.S. visa

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, May 23, 2010) – An investigation is under way in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) into an illegal visa racket targeting Chinese nationals.

Authorities are concerned migrants are being lured to spend a lot of money to travel to the CNMI with the promise of an American visa.

Lauri Ogumoro from the Karidat House of Hope aid organisation says after paying thousands of dollars to middle-men to get to Saipan, the victims realise they have been tricked.

"Many of them we've heard have mortgaged or sold their houses in China, to be able to come here. And when they get here, most of them were told, sorry there are no jobs, no visas and that's it. And they're left out to fend for themselves and then it becomes a desperate situation, in that they've used all their money to get here and . . . have no money to support themselves."

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