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PNG’S SOMARE READY FOR PACIFIC ‘BIG BROTHER’ ROLE Donor recipient nation now wants to reverse role

By Peter Sea PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 24, 2010) - Papua New Guinea is moving away from being an aid recipient to a donor as part of its Pacific Plan, Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said recently. Sir Michael made the commitment to help smaller Pacific neighbors while addressing the Auckland University during a visit to New Zealand last month.

As a "big brother" in the region, it is only proper that PNG helps other Pacific States who need help, the Prime Minister was quoted as saying in Government newsletter Prime Sivarai. He said with the imminent development of the LNG projects, exciting prospects await PNG.

"The commercialization of our gas resources will increase our revenue to an unprecedented level and transform PNG," Sir Michael said. "Under our own Pacific Plan, which was promulgated several years earlier than the Forum’s Pacific Plan, we had envisaged Papua New Guinea as being in a position to provide development assistance within our region."

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