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Momis to include woman in cabinet

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, June 10, 2010) - PRESIDENT-elect for the Autonomous Bougainville Government John Momis has big plans for Bougainville once he takes office officially next Tuesday.

Today he will be sworn in and will appoint his care-taker government.

This will include a vice president and a woman cabinet member until June 15, when a full Cabinet will be sworn in with the Speaker.

Yesterday Mr Momis met with his council members to discuss the path to the future for Bougainville. One of the issues discussed was to take all Government vehicles back into the (provincial transport board) pool and review all Government houses later returned to the ABG.

Mr Momis detailed his immediate tasks and three of them are good governance, weapons disposal and economic investment.

He also said the issue of law and order, education and health would encourage a good investment climate so that foreign and Bougainville businesses and the people would benefit in the long run.

He also said that standalone foreign businesses would be stopped in Bougainville and a new regime which would encourage a joint venture partnership with Bougainvilleans would be introduced so that people were not just resource owners but benefit owners as well. "Foreigners have the expertise. We need to have generative revenue, one that will create income for the people," Mr Momis said.

He said his government would have a full consultative approach with the people of Bougainville in order to find alternatives for young people who are excessively engaged in alcohol and drugs.

"We have to set a standard. My government will have a full consultation with people. We need to have constant consultation. But first of all we will address the issue of weapons disposal…we will have to find alternatives for these youths who are still holding onto guns.

"We need to look at music or sports to enhance their skills," Mr Momis said.

He said he had a big dream for Bougainville in terms of health, education and agriculture investment for the betterment of Bougainville.

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