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Australia says urgent action needed

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, June 16, 2010) – Australia's Attorney General Robert McClelland says the rates of domestic violence in the Pacific is among the worst in the world and he says urgent action is needed.

Mr McClelland has this week released a framework for improving co-ordination of Australia's law and justice work in the Pacific, including an emphasis on working with customary practices.

Mr McClelland says strengthening the rule of law is central to improving economic and social outcomes in the region.

And he's told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program that tackling domestic violence in the region is a mission of the Australian government.

"I've had some discussions with the New Zealand Attorney General, it is also a real concern for them," he said. "Indeed I recently had discussions with the Ambassador from the United States. Barack Obama's administration is also very concerned about the level of domestic violence. We clearly need to take some urgent and some determined steps in that area."

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