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Colorful venue big hit in Shanghai

By Godwin Ligo PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, June 22, 2010) - Vanuatu remains one of the best in the Pacific Pavilion with over one million two hundred thousand visitors already visiting the Vanuatu booth so far.

A visitor to the Vanuatu Booth at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai has made an offer to buy the whole of the Vanuatu booth including all exhibits at the booth for any nominated fee by Vanuatu.

Vanuatu’s World Expo Commissioner General Sowany Joseph told Daily Post that a lady has made an open offer for an outright purchase of all the exhibits including the booth itself for any amount of money offered.

"She has approached our representatives at the Shanghai World Expo wanting to buy the booth with its entire contents. We told her that the Expo will remain until October and may consider her offer, however, this will be up to the Expo Committee and all Vanuatu participants to decide on," said Mr. Joseph.

Asked what the value of the exhibits and the booth itself is, Joseph said: "We are looking here at somewhere around Vt10 million [US$94,400] and above bearing in mind of course that we appear to be the best amongst all other Pacific Island countries showcasing at the Expo 2010.

"On the other hand we feel that we must bring back our entire booth with its entire contents and re-set up somewhere here in Port Vila as a tourist attraction," Joseph said.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Ham Lini has received a warm welcome with his delegation by the Vanuatu World Expo Booth in Shanghai.

Commenting on Vanuatu Exhibitory, Lini said, "I am proud of the way our country’s booth has been organized because it reflects a great sense of the Vanuatu community," he said.

He also said, "Although I am now in the Opposition, I will continue to encourage tourism as one of the mainstays of the economy," he said, following his visit to the Vanuatu booth.

Joseph said, "This is the most outstanding booth Vanuatu has displayed in any World Expo and there is every reason for the people Vanuatu to be proud of everyone who has been involved in putting the whole Vanuatu booth together.

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