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No loitering under village bylaws

By Reijeli Kikau SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, June 30, 2010) – Students living in villages must not loiter after 6pm.

In the latest draft of village by-laws sent by the Fijian Affairs Board to villages, districts and provinces, parents should supervise their children after 6pm and should help them with their homework and other work given by the school.

It added students should study from 7pm to 8pm every evening from Monday to Friday and be supervised during this time.

The draft stated that all children by the age of six years should be sent to school and no one should be in the village or refusing to attend school when they reach the age of six.

It added school compounds would be out of bounds for villagers, especially after school hours. It stated that by 6pm and 6am the next morning no one should enter the school compound and quarters unnecessarily unless it has been authorised by the school heads. It added all children living in villages should attend kindergarten or pre-school before they start class one at the age of six years.

It stated that powers have been given to the headman to appoint village police officers to see that the rules are adhered to.

by the villagers and to monitor these rules once it has been implemented.

It added these appointments would be made at the village meetings with the presence of all village members and appointments made and their roles should be stressed clearly to the villagers.

It stated those appointed could conduct investigations on those who had abused the village laws and implicated and hold them at a designated place in the village until the police officers takeover the investigations if it becomes a criminal case.

Also these appointed officers could conduct awareness workshops in the villages to promote their work and how best the villages could help abide by these laws.

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