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Mainland China original destination

PAPEETE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, July 9, 2010) – Clément Pito announced that the "Upo'o Tahiti" canoe will leave French Polynesia Sunday and will go to Taïwan instead of China.

Pito claimed it is a great symbol to leave the very same day a total eclipse can be seen.

After several months of hard work, Pito announced that his crew is ready to sail away from Tahiti.

However, Pito made some changes to the initial program. The main change will be that "Upo'o Tahiti" will no longer go to China.

The traditional Tahitian canoe will in fact instead go to Taïwan, Pito told reporters.

Pito said he chose to do so because he felt he could not comply to rules for sailing in the Chinese seas.

The canoe will probably go first to Huahine, in the Leeward Islands, and then sail to Taïwan.

Pito thinks it will take up to two months for the "Upo'o Tahiti" canoe to reach Taïwan.

The French Department in charge of maritime security in Papeete has so far not authorized the canoe to sail.

But Pito claimed this was not important and told reporters the canoe will leave Tahiti Sunday anyway.

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