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New offices for Prime Minister, university expansion

By Godwin Ligo PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, July 23, 2010) - China will fund a number of major projects for Vanuatu, including the National Convention Centre and the expansion of Prime Minister’s Offices.

In addition, China will also fund the design and reconstruction of the Francophone Wing of the University of the South Pacific Emalus Campus.

The Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, Cheng Shuping, announced these projects on the occasion of the handing over of 20 vehicles to the Vanuatu Government for the Forum Meeting in Port Vila next month.

Ambassador Shuping took the opportunity to assure the Vanuatu Prime Minister Natapei and Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Natuman that the Chinese Government has always attached great importance to our friendly relations between the two countries.

The relationship "is like an evergreen tree and I am deeply convinced that with our mutual efforts, it will definitely be bearing fruitful rewards," he said.

Ambassador Shuping confirmed to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs that China will send a special envoy to attend the 30th Independence Anniversary celebrations but did not specify who the Chinese officials will be.

As part of the agreement to the donation of the 20 vehicles to Vanuatu for the Forum Meeting, China will also provide 7 vehicle experts who are now in Vanuatu to check the vehicles and ensure the users become fully fledged will mechanical operations of the 16 " Red Flag" Sedans, one of the top brands ever made in China and the 4 Buses.

The "Red Flag" Sedans are characterized by their outstanding safety performance, solemn and grand outlook, exquisite inner decoration and powerful engine.

They are equipped with advanced electronic system and radar for reverse. The 4 buses also have a good reputation in China, designed with an excellent safety performance as well as comfortable and tranquil settings.

The Chinese Ambassador also took the opportunity to wish the Prime Minister, the Vanuatu Government and the people of the Republic of Vanuatu the best wishes for the 30th Anniversary celebrations.

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