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Canoes carry campaigns to remote isles

By Brian Lezutuni HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Island Sun, July 23, 2010) - With the National General Election in less than two weeks away, campaigning by intending candidates has heated up in the Shortland Islands constituency.

[PIR editor’s note: The Shortland Islands are located in the western extreme of the Western Solomon Islands, next to the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville. ]

Speaking to Island Sun by phone from the Shortland Islands last night, Michael Kalamuna said campaigning seen on the three islands has reached levels never seen before.

Mr. Kalamuna is accompanying one of the seven candidates for the constituency, Stephen Laore.

He said the candidate is accompanied on his campaign trail by people from the three main islands of Mono, Alu and Faoro, something never seen in the history of elections in the Shortland Islands.

He said Mr. Laore started his campaign at Kariki village on Fauro Island with a huge turn-out by the community.

"There was a huge show of support for the candidate on Kariki, Tomou and Samanago villages.

Kalamanu said the candidate will be accompanied by four canoe load of supporters as they will make their journey to Mono today.

"After finishing Mono this weekend, we will next week concentrate on Alu which is the main island in the Shortland group of islands.

He stressed that people who turned up at the campaigns have indicated their desire for change in the constituency.

Kalamuna said Laore has appealed to people because of the struggles he has endured to becoming a successful businessman.

"From a simple beginning of selling produce at the market on Bougainville, Laore has risen to become one of shortland’s success story," he remarked.


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