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Matra reported on Indonesian military corruption

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 3, 2010) – Journalists in Papua are on edge after a reporter was found dead, naked and handcuffed in a river in the Indonesian region’s south.

Australia-based human rights advocate, Nick Chesterfield, says the Merauke environmental journalist had been reporting on financial irregularities and alleged military corruption.

He says Ardiansyah Matra’is had become fearful after receiving threatening text messages and other journalists are now under police protection after getting similar threats.

"One of the text messages he got said, to cowardly journalists never play with fire if you don’t want to be burnt. If you still want to make a living on this land don’t do weird things. We have data on all of you and be prepared for death."

Nick Chesterfield says the death comes soon after a journalist was found dead in East Kalimantan after investigating alleged military corruption.

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