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HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Aug. 30, 2010) – There can be no federal document more eagerly awaited than the Record of Decision for the Guam buildup.

As you read this paper, the Record of Decision will be about a week away from ending at least some of the uncertainties that surround the buildup.

The Joint Guam Program Office in Washington confirmed to the Journal that no delay is anticipated, and the document should be available in about a week.

Whatever decision is made the Final Environment Impact Study itself pointed out that some decisions still remain.

Where any berth for forward-deployed air craft carriers will be sited has been deferred.

What exactly the role of any special entities created in relation to utilities will be is as yet undetermined also.

What is certain is that our leaders throughout government and the private sector will be required to work with the military as never before to ensure that all possible opportunities benefit our business community and the people of Guam.

There is a tendency by those outside of Guam to assume that because of the military buildup, the island is already a land of plenty.

While that is obviously inaccurate and our region is by no means a Garden of Eden, we do have many good reasons why the islands are a fine place to live.

In this Journal we also carry several stories of individuals and companies that are investing in Guam and Saipan -- and considering doing so in Tinian.

As those in business know, there are constant challenges to keeping their Ark afloat.

Still, it's good to see that entrepreneurism in the islands is still alive and hopeful.

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